Horses look great on Pro Balance +

We have been feeding Pro balance + for several years now and would definitely not look at anything else. Apart from all our horses looking great on it, it’s also so convenient to feed.

We also feed it to our ponies who are prone to being overweight. We just use a small amount of chaff for a base feed as the Pro Balance gives them everything they need.

Excellent product, would highly recommend!

Claire Evans (Orkney UK)




Dramatic improvement in dressage horse’s performance since feeding Pro G.I.

Hi Mel.

We would like to tell you about the affect Pro G.I is having on our horse Pepper:

We can hardly believe the change Pro G.I. has made to our stressy dressage horse; from being a grumpy boy who bucked into canter, he is now going so well.

His collected canter has come on leaps and bounds and he is now scoring 70% plus at elementary, aiming for medium by the end of the year which we would not have thought possible before we tried Pro G.I.

We would highly recommend this product!







Mandro loves Progressive Earth Supplements

Anna Scandella says I am telling all of my friends here about your products: it is quite hard to find good, natural supplement here in Italy.

I am a bit skeptical about pelletted supplement that promise miracles: I like to know what I am feeding my horse, and your products just give me that confidence.

                                                                                                                                                                   Here’s Mandro enjoying his life in Italy.

I just wanted to thank you: I read a lot of great reviews of your products on forums and decided to give it a try.
I have a beautiful, but somewhat unlucky horse called Mandro: he has always had stomach, skin, hooves problems since I bought him. Last year he had colic surgery and it was awful.
After that many of the problems seemed to improve but I have struggled to make him gain weight and muscle, as well as to keep his gastritis under control (he is a very anxious horse and stresses incredibly easily). I have been feeding him Magnesium Oxide (with some fenugreek… he is a bit of a fussy eater) and linseed and he has never looked better than this! The Magnesium has taken the edge off him and he is a lot less spooky and anxious, while linseed has done wonders to his coat!
I attached some pics of my beautiful boy for you to see!!
Thank you so much!!
Love from Italy
Anna (& Mandro)

Annabel Goldie-Morrison recently started feeding Progressive Earth’s Pro Platinum Performance and is impressed.

Annabel Goldie-Morrison recently started feeding Progressive Earth’s Pro Platinum Performance and is impressed.

I’ve been using Progressive Earth products for a number of years, particularly the straight supplements, but in the last couple of months I’ve used Pro Platinum Performance. I chose PPP with Mel’s advice as it covered all bases for my 3 horses.


Tex needs help on the calming, digestion, suppleness/joint and hoof side, Cody was struggling with digestion when they started living in, and Solo just needs support for growing.

Since being on PPP Cody’s guts have been a lot better, Tex is super chilled and becoming more supple in his work, and Solo continues to grow at a rate of knots.

I look forward to seeing the effect on their bare feet in a few more months once the growth is more obvious, particularly for Tex who has struggled with sensitivity and splits particularly in spring & summer.

I run a small livery yard near Canterbury in Kent, and currently have 3 of my own horses, all of which are barefoot. My main horse is Cody, bred here in Kent by Worsenden Farm – he’s a 15hh, 7 year old mix of cob, shire, TB and native. Despite his portly looks he’s shown quite a talent for dressage, and really enjoys showing off his moves! In 2016 we competed at Elementary unaffiliated dressage, this year we aim to affiliate BD and work our way up the levels. I also do a bit of showing, showjumping and cross country with Cody to add a bit of variety.

My second horse is Texas Red, an 8 year old Irish cob cross. He was a bit of a rescue case, I bought him very cheap from a dealer because I felt sorry for him and he was unrideable so was due to go off to auction. He had a lot of physical and mental issues when I first got him, but these have slowly been ironed out, and he’s finally coming out of his shell and enjoying life now.

Having thought he would never do more than a few low level dressage competitions, we discovered that he loves jumping and in particular cross country. Last year he won his first ODE and then ran in a couple of BE80s with a local young event rider and did very well, placing 8th and 12th – he would have been 6th if he hadn’t been too fast round the cross country! This year I plan to event him myself as well as doing some dressage and showjumping.

My 3rd horse is a lovely grey 4 year old warmblood called Franklyn Solomon. I am producing him with a dressage career in mind.



Holly Bradbury reports how Pro Platinum Performance significantly improves her horse, Fly.

I am Holly Bradbury, a 22 year old amateur event rider from Kent and compete with my 11 year old horse, Fly, at BE100 level.


Over the past year of using Progressive Earths Pro Platinum Performance Balancer, Fly has achieved his best placings out eventing; only a few weeks ago gaining 1st at Chilham Horse Trials BE100, and managing 5 top 10 placings last season, our best results yet.


Pro Platinum Performance significantly improved Fly’s topline and overall condition within weeks and has given his coat the most beautiful shine.  He always gets complimented for the beautiful condition of his coat and I notice significant  improvement in his hoof quality.

He has also become more focused when schooling which we previously lacked, being spooky and distracted in the school. He now stays concentrated and focused, allowing me to ask more from him both at home, in lessons and when warming up at events. As a result he has gained better dressage marks. This in turn has enhanced his stamina for fitness work at home and when we have long days out competing. He stays fresh in each phase and always has plenty of energy in the tank when we go cross country after already doing our dressage and show jumping.

Holly Bradbury used Pro Platinum Performance Balancer to improve her horse.

With the support of Progressive Earth, we hope for another successful season eventing, where we would like to continue to progress and gain good results.

I would highly recommend Pro Platinum Performance for any competition horse to help enhance their condition and performance as it has done for Fly.


Clare Mcleod reports how Pro Hoof suits her little horse Vana perfectly

I was delighted and honoured when Mel at Progressive Earth wanted to supply my lovely little mare Vana with one of her excellent balancers, after I reported how much I liked and rated them.

Vana is a grulla (black dun) American Quarter Horse. She is a very good doer and is on restricted grazing most of the year. She has not yet needed any concentrate feed on top of forage, even when in a fair level of work.


It’s particularly important that she receives the essential nutrients missing from forage, and the Progressive Earth balancers are an ideal way to supply what she needs.

I find the Pro Hoof to be what suits her best, and she finds it perfectly palatable when mixed with some plain grass or alfalfa chaff and a little unmolassed sugar beet pulp.


Vana lives on a track system all summer, along with my cob. She receives a small amount of Horsehage High Fibre during summer to boost fibre intake considering her grass-sprouts diet, and so her gut is adapted when she is fed forage during travelling and when we go for weekends away!

She has access to fields over winter and is fed homemade haylage.

I’m not particularly competitive, but I have found that entering competitions both gives me a goal and is also a useful test of where my horse and I are at with our skills.

Our first outings were to TREC, where we managed to win a few classes and gather many ribbons overall. The following year we got out to a few dressage and show jumping competitions and collected many more ribbons.


Then we did what I’d always dreamed of… we developed the skills to enter a one day event! It was only baby sized at 70 cm but we completed going clear XC, one pole down in the SJ, and placed 9th!

This season we’ve been out show jumping, and have just completed our second ODE, which was great fun. I look forward to every single ride on this wonderful, friendly, feisty and smart little mare!

So many thanks to Progressive Earth for contributing to the development of a really nice little riding horse.

Clare Mcleod is a highly respected equine nutritionist and author of The Truth About Feeding Your Horse.  Her enthusiasm for health and fitness has promoted an interest in feeding the horse more naturally, which results in less disease and disorders, and more optimal performance and longevity.