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BIOPLEX MANGANESE – 15% Elemental manganese. Equine mineral forage balancing.


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Bioplex Manganese 15%

Manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate (Proteinate) 15% elemental manganese.

Highly absorbable source of manganese suitable for those balancing their horses diets, based on forage analysis.

One flat filled 5 ml scoop of Bioplex Manganese weighs approximately 2.5 grams.

Please note: The feeding of mineral separates should not be undertaken without having your forage, either hay or pasture, analysed and the correct mineral ratios established. If you are unable to carry out a full mineral analysis from all sources of forage and are uncertain of the mineral levels require; we recommend feeding a premixed supplement/balancer instead. Please see our equine balancers for more details.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Bioplex Manganese 15% equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing 1 Kg of product. Multiple purchase options are available.


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