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Two brand new products: Pro Veteran Specially developed for elderly horses & ponies and adult horses and ponies that require additional immune system and joint support. PLUS Vegetarian Glucosamine derived from a fungal source. We still offer for sale our popular shellfish-derived Glucosamine as well. 
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HERBS 4 MOBILITY – Natural herbal supplement to support joint mobility, comfort and flexibility for equines


Weight DescriptionPriceQuantity
1 KgPure herbs to support joints & flexibility etc £25.99 -+

Herbs 4 Mobility

Is a combination of herbs to support joint mobility, comfort and flexibility.

Composition: Meadowsweet, Devils Claw Root Cut, Celery Seed, Clivers and Nettle.

100 % Pure herbs.

  • Supports connective tissue & flexibility.
  • Supports Mobility.
  • Supports joints and muscles.
  • Herbal support for older stiff equines.
  • Soothing on the digestive system.
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to clear out the tissues without overloading the body’s excretory avenues.
  • Supports healthy circulation.

Feeding guidelines: 30-50g daily for an average 500kg horse

Not suitable for competing horses.

Human-grade Herbs are used in this product

All herbs have been laboratory tested for identification and compliance to the British and European Pharmacopoeia standards.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Herbs 4 Mobility equine feed supplement is available in clear sealed packs containing 1 Kg of product.
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