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MEADOWSWEET – Equine herbal supplement to support joint mobility and comfort. Digestive tonic and immune system support.


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Joints and stiffness, mobility, digestion and immune system support.

Composition: 100% Pure Meadowsweet.

Meadowsweet contains the active ingredient salicylic acid which has been found to support connective tissue, flexibility, comfort for hard working muscles and joints and support mobility in older horses.

Meadowsweet is excellent for soothing the digestive tract.

Its supports the immune system and soothes digestion and firm up loose droppings.

  • Supports connective tissue & flexibility.
  • Supports hard-working joints and muscles.
  • Helps firm up loose droppings.
  • Maintains a healthy digestive system.
  • Supports mobility in older horses. 
  • Soothing on the digestive system.

See our product Herbs 4 Mobility which uses Meadowsweet in an effective herbal blend.

Feeding guidelines:

20-30g dried herb for an average 500kg horse, fed daily.

Not suitable for competing horses.

Human-grade Herbs are used in this product

All herbs have been laboratory tested for identification and compliance to the British and European Pharmacopoeia standards.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Meadowsweet equine feed supplement is available in clear sealed packs containing 1 Kg of product.
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