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MONOSODIUM PHOSPHATE – Ultra Low Iron Food Grade Only 12PPM Iron Horse Phosphorus Mineral Forage Balancing Supplement


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Monosodium Phosphate (Ultra Low Iron Food Grade)

24% elemental Phosphorus (P),  20% elemental Sodium (Na), Fe2O3 0.0012%, Moisture 1.5% max.

Ultra Low Iron Food grade version at only 12ppm

Phosphorus is an important mineral essential to equine health.

Monosodium Phosphate is ideal for those balancing horse’s diets, based on forage analysis.

Phosphorus is a major structural component of bone. A typical bone contains 14-17% phosphorus.

It also functions as a pH buffer in the body, preventing the blood from becoming too acidic or alkaline.
It is extensively involved in the production of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a nucleotide found in the mitochondria of all plant and animal cells. ATP is a major source of energy for cellular reactions, this energy being released during conversion to ADP.

Phosphorus is also extensively involved in other very important functions on a cellular level being required for the synthesis of:

  • Phospholipids, the main component in cell membranes.
  • Phosphoproteins: proteins bound together with phosphoric acid.
  • Nucleic acids which make up DNA.

Calcium levels can often be high in forage or the calcium: phosphorus ratio is out of balance. High intakes of calcium severely limit the absorption of Phosphorus, due to the fact that these two minerals compete directly for absorption in the small intestine. This is one of the many reasons that the calcium: phosphorus ratio is so important in horse diets.

Please note: The feeding of mineral separates should not be undertaken without having your forage, either hay or pasture, analysed & the correct mineral ratios established. If you are unable to carry out a full mineral analysis from all sources of forage & are uncertain of the mineral levels required, we recommend feeding a premixed supplement/balancer instead. Please see the equine balancers in our shop for more details. 

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Monosodium Phosphate equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing either 1.8Kg, 3.6Kg or 7.2Kg of product.
Multiple purchase options are available. Also available in 25 Kg sacks.


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