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To Support a Healthy Hindgut and Maintain a Healthy Immune System for Horses.

PRO HOOF PLATINUM – Superior Advanced Formula Equine Forage Feed Balancer With Optimum Support For Hoof Coat Skin and Whole Horse Health



Pro Hoof Platinum is the ultimate equine balancer for whole horse health.

Pro Hoof Platinum is the advanced formula of our acclaimed Pro Hoof supplement. It has increased levels of Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Methionine, Biotin & Pyridoxine (Vit B6) and includes an exceptional formulation of additional ingredients.

Pro Hoof Platinum is manufactured in a UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), BETA NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances), FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme), ISO 22000 ( Food Safety Management System) certified state-of-the-art premix manufacturing facility.  Pro Hoof Platinum is produced using the highest quality feed assured ingredients under strictly controlled production conditions and conforms to the requirements of EU and UK legislation governing the manufacture of animal feeding stuffs.

Our high specification formulas are carefully balanced using optimum ratios defined by the National Research Council. Targeting only the deficient minerals in forage.

This superior powdered equine balancer is a specifically formulated blend of minerals, vitamins and amino acids needed to help balance the diet for optimum hoof, coat, skin & whole horse health.

In addition  a concentrated form of Yea-Sacc (TS) is added to support gastrointestinal health and integrity and Pro Hoof Platinum also includes 15g of MSM, which is an important component of connective tissue, playing a particularly important role in hooves, bones, joints and skin health

Plus increased levels of:

  • Magnesium 10g (Compared to Pro Hoof which contains 6g)
  • Copper 300mg  (Compared to Pro Hoof which contains 200mg)
  • Zinc 900mg (Compared to Pro Hoof which contains 600mg)
  • Methionine 5g (Compared to Pro Hoof which contains 3g)
  • Biotin 30mg  (Compared to Pro Hoof which contains 20mg)
  • Pyridoxine (Vit B6) 200mg (Compared to Pro Hoof which contains 100mg)

We recommend additional micronised linseed meal throughout the winter months or if a horse is fed predominantly hay/haylage , this is for the essential fatty acids that a horse may be short of when grass is restricted. Essential Fatty Acids cannot be manufactured within the body & must be present in the diet.

Pro Hoof Platinum is recommended for:

  • Promoting healthy growth and well connected hoof walls
  • Strong laminae & robust sound hooves
  • Healthy frogs
  • A healthy metabolic system
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Strong ligaments and tendons
  • Good joint mobility
  • Horses prone to losing shoes or with weak brittle or flat feet
  • Horses with faded sun bleached coats
  • Muscle & nerve health
  • Shiny healthy coat and skin
  • Improved coat pigment
  • Healthy lungs & breathing
  • Good doers on restricted diets
  • Barefoot horses to aid in smooth well connected hoof growth and soundness on all surfaces
  • To help supplement potential deficiencies in grass and forage
  • Healthy immune system
  • Whole Horse health

Please note our guidance on the use of Salt: We do not add salt directly to our formulations.

Chloride in salt is naturally quite abrasive. So adding salt can lead to rapid degradation of vitamins used in our mixes if exposed to light, moisture and heat etc.

Addition of salt could considerably reduce the shelf life of our products. Our products are packed and sealed in carefully controlled packing facilities at our mixing house. We cannot guarantee how products are stored once opened by our customers.

We have a fast turnover of products and all our mixes benefit from long shelf lives. Customers can feel confident that their products will remain fresh and free from degradation.

Our Balancers and Premixes are formulated with the specialist guidance of World leading nutritionists at the Professional Mixing House Company we use.

We recommend all horses should have free access to salt. However, a salt lick alone cannot be relied upon to cover maintenance & sweat requirements. Many horses do not choose to use the lick enough.
The amount of salt needed is variable depending on how much the horse sweats.

For example a 500 kg Horse needs 10g of sodium per day (25g of salt) for maintenance needs, this is without exercise or sweating on hot days.
1 – 2 tablespoons of salt per day, added to the horses feed is a reasonable amount to cover maintenance requirements. 

Working horses will require additional electrolytes. Dissolving the salt in water & spraying on to hay, can be an alternative option for picky eaters.

Suggested intake:

3 x 30ml scoops supplies approximately 87g of product.

Feed 3 x 30 ml scoops (87g) of Pro Hoof Platinum per day for an average 500 Kg horse.

Feed 1 & 1/2 x 30 ml scoops (43.5g) of Pro Hoof Platinum per day for an average 300 Kg pony.

Do not exceed 3 scoops per day & adjust intakes if other trace element sources are used.

Pro Hoof Platinum is a powdered supplement which we recommend is mixed with soaked based feed/mash. We do not advise feeding a powdered supplement in chop.

We always advise with any new feed/supplement/dietary change that it should be made gradually due to the horse’s sensitive digestive system. As advised by the national research council.

Usage level:

3 x 30ml scoops (87g) supplies (Elemental):
300mg of Copper
900mg of Zinc
30mg Biotin
10g of Magnesium
10g of L-Lysine HCL
5g of Methionine
2g Threonine
2000 iu Vitamin E
15g MSM
20 mg Folic Acid
500 mg Niacin (B3)
250 mg Vitamin B5
1000 mcg Vitamin B12
200 mg Vitamin B1
200 mg Vitamin B6
1.74g Phosphorus
2.35g Calcium
1mg of Selenium
1.2mg Iodine
1g Yeasacc TS (equivalent to 10 g Yea-Sacc 1026)

How long will a bag of  last?:

A 2.61 kg bag of Pro Hoof Platinum will last =30 days when fed at the rate of 3 x 30 ml scoops per day.
A 2.61 kg bag of Pro Hoof Platinum will last 60 days when fed at the rate of 1+1/2 x 30 ml scoops per day.

Analytical Constituents: Calcium 2.7 %, Phosphorus 2 %, Sodium 1.6 %, Magnesium 11.5%, Lysine 9.0 %,
Methionine 5.7 %, Threonine 2.2%, Crud Ash 40.8% Acid Insoluble Ash 3 %, Crude Protein 22%, Crude Fibre 4%, Crude fats 3%.

Additives (per kg):

Vitamins: Vitamin E (all rac-alpha tocopherol acetate) (3a700) 22988 mg/kg,
Biotin (3a880) 344.8 mg/kg, Vitamin B1(3a821) 2298.8mg/kg, Vitamin B6 (3a831)2298.8mg/kg, Vitamin B12 11.5mg/kg,
Niacinamide (3a315) 5747mg/kg, Calcium-D-Pantotheanate (3a841) 2873.5 mg/kg, Folic acid (3a316) 229.8mg/kg.

Trace Elements: Copper (Copper (II) chelate of protein hydrolysates 3b407) 3448 mg/kg, Selenium (Organic Selenium 3.b.8.10) 11.5 mg/kg,
Zinc (3b612 chelate of protein hydrolysates) 10344 mg/kg, Iodine (Calcium Iodate anhydrous 3b202) 13.7 mg/kg.

Micro-Organisms: 11494252874 CFU/kg Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL39885 as Yeasacc (4b1704).

Composition: Magnesium Oxide, MSM, Peppermint, Monosodium Phosphate ,Calcium Carbonate.

Usage Level: 3 x 30ml scoops supplies approximately 87g of product.
Suggested intake:

Horses and Ponies (average 500kg – 3 scoops per day

Ponies (average 250kg)- 1 & 1/2 scoops per day.

We always advise with any new feed/supplement/dietary change that it should be made gradually due to the horse’s sensitive digestive system. As advised by the national research council.

Do not exceed 3 scoops per day & adjust intakes if other trace element sources are used.

Any questions? If there are any questions about Pro Hoof Platinum or any other of our range of products, please contact us by email.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Pro Hoof Platinum equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing  2.61 Kg of product. A 30 ml scoop is included.

Multiple purchase options are available.

Sample Packs: Pro Hoof Platinum is also available in 500g sample packs. Please note: Sample packs do not contain a scoop.

103 reviews for PRO HOOF PLATINUM – Superior Advanced Formula Equine Forage Feed Balancer With Optimum Support For Hoof Coat Skin and Whole Horse Health

  1. Elaine Smith

    Hi quality premium product that does exactly what it’s supposed to… very fast delivery & great customer service, thank you progressive earth, my boys feet are so much better using this product.

  2. Anonymous

    Arrived expeditiously

  3. angie s.

    I have been using this balancer now for a while and think its absolutely brilliant and wouldnt buy anything else!

  4. Hannah

    I have just received my second order, been on this for over a month. My pony is barefoot, her hoofs look amazing and strong, normally this time of year we get an abcess, so far so good

  5. Sheena Smith

    Can’t think of anything negative about Pro Hoof Platinum, mixes in very well, horses haven’t had any adverse effects, and im very happy with the results so far.

  6. Kelly Evans

    Absolutely fantastic product am with amazing results and would t use anything else. would love to see some discount codes available to returning regular customers.

  7. Tracey C.

    A great balancer with everything my horse needs and she eats it. She is very fussy!!

  8. Kitty Kevan

    I bought this in conjunction with the ionised linseed and the difference in hoof quality was evident in a couple of weeks as I recall. His hooves are as good as they were now and it was only a few weeks back I bought these products. The horse has suffered (as many did) in that excessive rain- then warm weather we had at the early part of summer. Which caused a lot of cracking and crumbling with the constant ‘ expand and shrink’ that the hooves were doing. Anyhow, I will keep him on this – and will buy more March- April in preparation for summer.

  9. Kara-marie J.

    This product has really helped my horse’s hooves within 1 month of use

  10. Elaine Smith

    I love this product, my horse had shocking feet but pro hoof platinum has really helped them become strong & healthy. Quality products from a company that knows what it’s talking about & has superb customer service – thank you

  11. Anonymous

    Good product but consider your delivery cost in line with competitors.

    • Melanie Barker

      Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about postage charges. The actual cost to us from Royal mail for your 5.22kg parcel is £11.02 + VAT. This does not include the cost of packaging.
      We charged a maximum of £7.99 and orders over £150 are free.
      I suggest passing your feedback regarding the high cost of postage onto royal mail.

  12. Lynn N6

    My barefoot pony has been on this for some time but when I took her off it she soon went foot sore – thankfully she was back to normal once back on it.

  13. Madeleine tucker

    Have only been using this product 2 weeks and have already noticed my cobs coat has improved and his frogs are harder.had problems with thrush and soft frogs.even though he is on a grassfree track with just hay.great service

  14. A Taylor

    Seems to be keeping hooves nice.

  15. Joanne Walsh

    My horse looks and feels amazing, more than happy with the pro hoof platinum. Struggled a little at first introducing it. Mel was very helpful and was prompt with her advised. The delivery is also very quick.

  16. Orsi Toth

    I am constantly using PE pro hoof for my horse for probably a year now and her feet are amazing, the best balancer and I would never switch to anything else! I don’t like the packaging though, have to get my whole arm into the bag to get to the stuff:D

  17. Anonymous

    Excellent products and great customer service!

  18. Caroline S.

    There has been a notable improvement in the horn of my horse’s hooves. The barefoot trimmer has been impressed.

  19. Lynn Hawdon

    Pleased with this product. This is the first time I have used this balancer and will be reordering. The packaging is very difficult to reseal and therefore needs to be stored in a different container

  20. Vicky Rowson

    I’ve noticed a huge difference in my thoroughbred feet quality, in my journey to barefoot. Still not getting the growth rate I want but hopefully get there soon.

  21. Nick Coward

    The mineral arrived as expected given my experience of this friendly local service

  22. Alice Ashman-Lee

    I’d been using several different balancers to try to help my mare’s crumbly soft hooves and had seen only very small changes.

    I switched to pro hoof platinum, moved to a track system and switched to meadow hay based diet and the results are astounding. I have just noticed the new growth coming through on her hooves and where it was once bumpy all along the hoof wall it is now smooth.

    Progressive earth have excellent customer service, swift delivery and have probably saved my chronically borderline laminitic pony’s life. Thank you

  23. Tamsin

    Brilliant service and product.

  24. Grace

    Love your products. I struggle with your website. It kept jumping to areas I don’t want. Could be my error …. Obviously not fool proof.

  25. Gill

    We haven’t started using this yet but has a good combination of ingredients. Always good service from PE and quick delivery

  26. Tony L.

    Pony has definitely improved since being on this, good value and easy to order and quick delivery.

  27. Hannah

    Fab company!! Always fast delivery and we love this supplement!

  28. Karin Baldwin

    since starting this balancer both ponies are looking calm, healthy and shiny – previous coat problems have gone and foot growth has increased. It is very palatable none left in the bowls at feed time.

  29. Margaret Portus

    First class service. Easy to order, well informed by email and quick to arrive. I use Pro Hoof Platinum. A superb product.

  30. KATE

    Can’t recommend this balancer enough. It has really helped my laminitis prone mare restore her hoof quality and all of my ponies have the most amazing shine. Thank you so much.

  31. Anonymous

    Excellent product and fast delivery.


    Recommended to use this product by a specialist vet. Two ponies have it, it isn’t their favourite so possibly not very palatable but I disguise it. Noticed a change in their coats and their hooves have become very hard. Will be interesting how they fare in the wet winters, but so far very happy with the product and have already ordered more. The chocolate treat included with the order is a nice gesture too.

  33. Nichola

    TB feet keeping shoes on better now

  34. Kirsty

    Amazing product – has really built up my previously skinny TB.

  35. Kate

    I bought this for my Irish Sports Horse recently diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome based on the recommendation of Nic Barker of Rockley Farm rehab centre for horses with hoof related illness, as taking my mare barefoot. Six weeks in and she looks in great condition, her hooves are strengthening daily, and as a bonus she is so calm, I assume due to the high levels on magnesium.

  36. Leah Armstrong

    Horses look and move really gooood. X

  37. Christina Cassady

    Best product and it works

  38. HEATHER A.

    Easy website to navigate & order from with quick delivery usually 2-3 days. Discussed dietary requirements before placing 1st order with clear sensible advice given – a year on – ponys’ coat/feet excellent condition. Fed with a couple of handfuls of damp chopped plain straw twice a day. (& for owners The chocolate treat enclosed always very welcome)

  39. A L M.

    I’ve fed this product for some years to my horses. They all have shiny coats and strong feet. I recently gave some to a friend and she noticed an almost immediate improvement in her pony’s coat.

  40. Elena Papazoglou

    My horse had a few bad experiences with his feet routine and ended up in a very sorry state. My wonderful barefoot trimmer and lifesaver, Polly Smeath, recommended Pro Hoof Platinum and we began using it. I am not an expert on feet at all but even I could see an improvement in as little as two weeks. After the past 6 months or so of us as directed his feet are fantastic and he is able to carry on being barefoot with wonderful strong feet and a lot of good growth. Highly recommended.

  41. Georgina P.

    Superb product, the quality of hoof on both my horses has greatly increased since using this product, can’t recommend highly enough

  42. Catherine Coward

    barefoot once, flat-footed/prone to corns ex racer, now progressing well towards rock crunching!

  43. Tania Robinson

    I absolutely love this supplement. My rising 27 year old horse has recently started his barefoot journey, after me being told he’d never be able to go without shoes (flat TB feet, underrun/zero heels and thin soles). His feet are already looking amazing – stone cold and great quality horn and the heel growth is outstanding!
    Superb service and prompt delivery and the little chocolate treats in every parcel is a fabulous touch It’s the little things

  44. Jan W.

    I really cannot rate this highly enough. My appaloosa mare has gone from having the crappiest feet, to pretty damn good ones. I see a difference whenever I take her off it for a while when she is out on the hill. It’s great stuff.

  45. Charlie Carr

    Speedy delivery fabulous product what more can you want!

  46. Melanie S.

    Quick delivery and great product

  47. Christina Cassady

    Finally a supplement that works, thanks

  48. Orsolya

    I love this product, really helps my horse in her barefoot journey, makes such a difference! It’s not quite palatable for her though so I have to hide it in all kinds of feeds I am probably feeding this for 10months now and will carry on to do so!

  49. Sarah

    Really good stuff, i definitely notice an all round difference using this. Unfortunately the cost means I cant keep my boy on it and can only buy when finances allow.

  50. Kirsty

    This stuff been miraculous for my 14yo TB – she has put on weight and is looking amazing, and didn’t have an abscess all winter.

  51. Sue Watson

    I really like this product. And it always arrives quickly and in excellent condition.

  52. Chris

    This product is keeping my horses sound. They are 29 and 32 years young!!

  53. Jo Morrey

    Does exactly what it says on the packaging! My horses hooves have improved massively since being in this – you can literally see it in the growth of their hooves, smooth and tough

  54. Glenis C.

    Returned to this formula as it’s the only one I have found that works

  55. Kate B.

    Love this balancer as it has made a visible difference to my horse’s feet

  56. Susan

    Prompt delivery and a great product. Thank you

  57. Sally

    Two of my ponies are quite happy eating this, the other leaves half her feed despite eating a different mineral balancer prior to swapping. Hoof quality and general good health maintained

  58. Julia L.

    After much research, this is the only balancer I have found with sufficient quantities of all the vits and mins our horses need.

  59. Tracey C.

    This supplement has all my mare needs and she eats it!! Hooves are growing in beautifully.


    My pony was diagnosed with really thin hoof soles after some issues, I contacted progressive earth in July 2020 to ask if they had a supplement that would help & was advised by Mel to use Pro Hoof Platinum. I have noticed improvement but when my farrier came last visit, he said has noticed a massive improvement in her hooves. I also don’t have to feed a balancer now either which cuts down the calories for a highland pony who can put weight on eating fresh air. Would thoroughly recommend this supplement.

  61. Anonymous

    Best balancer I have come across

  62. Margaret Anne M.

    Excellent. 6 months on this and the product before the platinum. Good hoof growth over the winter and strength improving. Very pleased. Will continue to use. Good early delivery following order.

  63. Sally

    My barefoot fells feet are looking better than ever. Diagnosed with Cushings PPID but his feet are strong and no sign of laminitis. Very happy with this supplement.

  64. Kate B.

    I love this balancer as it has made such a huge difference to my horse’s health as well as a visible difference to his feet. He has been lame with Navicular for over a year, but is now clearly improving and is back in ridden work.

  65. Sarah Harper

    Promotes good hoof and overall health, and prevents mud fever.
    My horses wouldn’t cope living out in winter without this fantastic product.

  66. Petra Sep

    I bought various products – great quality and very nice service.

  67. Lorna Benson

    I am absolutely delighted with pro hoof platinum – I use it on both my horses one being Arab/ cross the other a Shetland I have found both are doing really well and both of their feet has improved especially my
    Arab/ cross who had quite poor feet – would highly recommend or hoof platinum

  68. Anonymous

    Hoofs are looking amazing

  69. Helen S.


  70. Roger Salmon

    My horse has been on this supplement for 18 months; hooves much improved.

  71. Chris S.

    Excellent service as usual.

  72. Becky Carter

    Absolutely great for my TB, she is barefoot and her feet improved noticeably once she started this supplement last summer. Also she has 3 white socks, lives out, and this year has no mud fever for the first time ever!

  73. Helen

    This really suits both my barefoot horses. Their trimmer is really impressed with their hooves, and so am I. Their overall condition is great

  74. Ashley C.

    Great supplement that my pony has all year, farrier always comment on what amazing feet she has. We’ve managed to maintain her for 12 month self trimming too.

  75. Antonia F.

    Absolutely love this product. We feed it to all our horses which are now barefoot. Has really helped our TB to transition from shod to barefoot over the past 4 months. A great daily supplement to add as we feed straights.

  76. Kat Waller

    Fantastic product that my fussy mare eats happily, with a good diet and the help of this balancer I have taken her completely barefoot and she is comfortably growing excellent feet, which isn’t bad for an old thoroughbred!

  77. Claire M.

    Fast efficient service, also love my chocolate treat!!

  78. Melanie S.

    Quick delivery and great product. Thank you

  79. Valda

    I started using this in preparation for my boys going barefoot 3 months ago. Their transition has been text book and their hooves look amazing. Is this due to the balancer? I honestly don’t know but I’m not willing to stop using it to prove a point!!

  80. Kate Gowans

    Great service as always and I LOVE the treat you always put in!

  81. Tracey C.

    Super strength minerals that my fussy mare will eat!! Result!! and… you get a Freddo with every delivery

  82. Antonia F.

    Super quick delivery, time will tell how effective it is. Bought for a TB that is transitioning to barefoot and is very sore. Initially the signs are good so will keep using it and ditch most of the other supplements I feed.

  83. Angie S.

    Great product and great service

  84. Anna C.

    Both barefoot horses do very well on this product, one an arab X and one an ex-racing thoroughbred

  85. Anonymous

    Good service, great product, very expensive for postage though when the items already cost alot.

    • Paul Hollinrake

      I am sorry you find the postage expensive, but unfortunately this is out of our hands. We subside all the postage and the courier charges cost us over £12 per box, the maximum we charge our customers is £7.99.

  86. Anonymous

    Good service and excellent product

  87. Kate

    Super service, seeing positive improvements after short time

  88. Teresa Garrett

    Fast delivery and my horse doesn’t mind eating it at all.

  89. Anonymous

    I have been using Pro Hoof Platinum for my horse since I got him as a 2 year old, it is fantastic stuff! He has brilliant, strong (bare) feet & healthy hair growth and a shiny coat. I rave about it to anyone that will listen! A properly thought out, evidenced supplement without fillers or nonsense. The delivery is always super speedy and the bar of chocolate makes me smile!

  90. Sarah

    Great product my horses hoofs are in great condition

  91. Emily C.

    I just started the supplement, so I can’t speak to the effects yet…but the customer service and whole process of ordering was great!

  92. Anonymous

    Brilliant product. Excellent service

  93. Cathryn Butterworth

    Definitely made a massive impact on my horses hooves… though i still have to get the track system sorted properly as still getting too much grass! Hopefully not so bad now winters coming and grass is less rich….

  94. Angela D.

    Always a 1st class service. Brilliant products and I love the wee treats x

  95. Katrina

    Recommended to me by an independent equine nutritionist, I am really pleased Pro Hoof lived up to expectations. No problems with my horses eating it when added to feed either.

  96. ROGER Salmon

    I was recommended and have been using PRO HOOF for over 12 months now and have seen a noticeable improvement in my horse’s hooves. I will continue to use this supplement, Thank you.

  97. Sarah P.

    Delivery is always within a few days of placing order but sometimes the particular size I require has been sold out. The product itself has improved my 30 year old New Forest Mares hoof wall dramatically.


    Excellent service and the product suits my horses

  99. Regina F.

    Excellent product, as always. Targeted nutrition, no fillers – I have high hopes that this, as part of a holistic horse health approach, will set my mare on the path to good hoof condition

  100. Katherine Arthur

    Huge improvement in hoof quality, coat and skin. Had ongoing problems with thrush and dermatitis on legs from wet arena, now all resolved. This was the last resort and the only thing that worked.

  101. jacqui hall

    I’ve used this product for a few years as my horse had a keratoma removed and had some bone loss vets were guarded he’d ever come sound but with correct care and a fantastic podiatrist he’s 100% sound although bit expensive it’s a quality product

  102. Rebecca Crump

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that after only 6 weeks my podiatrist has noticed a difference! He said their feet are far tougher and stronger. In fact he had to break out another rasp!!! He has never needed to do that. I use you platinum pro Hoof. Great stuff. Keep up the good work

  103. Will Davies

    My horses live on intensively grazed (i.e. grass stressed) paddocks at a yard, and the hay (and hence mineral content) can change from supplier to supplier. They event, and if those don’t present enough of a feeding challenge, they are both barefoot and are 18 hands and 16.3 hands. I’ve been using Pro Hoof Platinum since it came out, (and before that the original Pro hoof), and was recommended it by someone who uses it to rehabilitate horses with problems related to nutrition. I manage the rest of their feed carefully, but it is the only mineral supplement I use and it gives me the peace of mind that my horses will be fine. I do recommend it to friends and would recommend it to anyone.

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