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To Support a Healthy Hindgut and Maintain a Healthy Immune System for Horses.

PRO HOOF – Equine Balancer For Healthy Hooves Coat Skin Joints And Digestion



Pro Hoof 

A superior equine hoof supplement for optimum hoof, coat & skin health.

Progressive Earth’s acclaimed Pro Hoof supplement is a high quality, low sugar and starch, blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, specifically formulated to promote the growth of healthy well connected hoof wall, strong sound hooves, shiny coat & healthy skin.

Pro Hoof is manufactured in a UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), BETA NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances), FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme), ISO 22000 ( Food Safety Management System) certified state-of-the-art premix manufacturing facility.  Pro Hoof is produced using the highest quality feed assured ingredients under strictly controlled production conditions and conforms to the requirements of EU and UK legislation governing the manufacture of animal feeding stuffs.

Our high specification formulas as carefully balanced using optimum ratios defined by the National Research Council. Targeting only the deficient minerals in forage. 

We have also added 15g of MSM: An important component of connective tissue, playing a particularly important role in hooves, bones, joints and skin health.

A concentrated form of Yea-Sacc (TS) is included to support gastrointestinal health and integrity.


This product is ideal for those horse owners who want to balance their horses diet but are unable to formulate a diet based on a bespoke forage analysis. Pro Hoof can also be used as a building block feed balancer for which to formulate a bespoke feeding plan.

We recommend additional micronised linseed meal throughout the winter months or if a horse is fed predominantly hay/haylage , this is for the essential fatty acids that a horse may be short of when grass is restricted. Essential Fatty Acids cannot be manufactured within the body & must be present in the diet.

Pro Hoof is recommended for:

  • Promoting healthy growth and well connected hoof wall
  • Strong laminae & robust sound hooves
  • Healthy frogs
  • A healthy metabolic system
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Strong ligaments and tendons
  • Good joint mobility
  • Horses prone to losing shoes or with weak brittle or flat feet
  • Horses with faded sun bleached coats
  • Muscle and nerve health
  • Shiny healthy coat and skin
  • Healthy lungs and breathing
  • Good doers on restricted diets
  • Barefoot horses to aid in smooth well connected hoof growth and soundness on all surfaces
  • Supplementing potential deficiencies in grass and forage
  • Performance Horses
  • Healthy immune system

Please note our guidance on the use of Salt: We do not add salt directly to our formulations.

Chloride in salt is naturally quite abrasive. So adding salt can lead to rapid degradation of vitamins used in our mixes if exposed to light, moisture and heat etc.

Addition of salt could considerably reduce the shelf life of our products. Our products are packed and sealed in carefully controlled packing facilities at our mixing house. We cannot guarantee how products are stored once opened by our customers.

We have a fast turnover of products and all our mixes benefit from long shelf lives. Customers can feel confident that their products will remain fresh and free from degradation.

Our Balancers and Premixes are formulated with the specialist guidance of World leading nutritionists at the Professional Mixing House Company we use.

We recommend all horses should have free access to salt. However, a salt lick alone cannot be relied upon to cover maintenance & sweat requirements. Many horses do not choose to use the lick enough.
The amount of salt needed is variable depending on how much the horse sweats.

For example a 500 kg Horse needs 10g of sodium per day (25g of salt) for maintenance needs, this is without exercise or sweating on hot days.
1 – 2 tablespoons of salt per day, added to the horses feed is a reasonable amount to cover maintenance requirements. 

Working horses will require additional electrolytes. Dissolving the salt in water & spraying on to hay, can be an alternative option for picky eaters.

How long will a bag last?

A 1.8 kg bag of Pro Hoof will last approximately 31 days when fed at the rate of one 75 ml scoop (ie 58 grams) per day.

A 3.6 kg bag of Pro Hoof will last approximately 62 days when fed at the rate of one 75 ml scoop (ie 58 grams) per day.

Suggested intake:

Feed 1 x 75 ml scoop of Pro Hoof per day for an average 500 Kg horse.

Feed 1/2 to 1 x 75 ml scoop of Pro Hoof per day for an average 300 Kg pony.

We always advise with any new feed/supplement/dietary change that it should be made gradually due to the horse’s sensitive digestive system. As advised by the national research council.

Pro Hoof is a powdered supplement which we recommend is mixed in a soaked base feed. We do not advise feeding any powdered supplement in chop. Suitable feeds are: soaked mash (alpengrun mash, fast fibre, pink mash etc), soaked hay cobs, beet pulp or a suitable soaked feed of you choice.

Usage level:

One 75 ml scoop Pro Hoof provides:

2000 iu of Vitamin E

20 mg of Folic Acid

500 mg of Niacin (B3)

250 mg of Vitamin B5

1000 mcg of Vitamin B12

200 mg of Vitamin B1

100 mg of Vitamin B6

15 g of MSM

1 mg of Selenium (Organic selenium S.cerevisiae)

200 mg of Copper (chelate of amino acids hydrate)

600 mg of Zinc (chelate of amino acids hydrate)

1.2mg Iodine

20 mg of Biotin

3000mg of Methionine

8000mg of  Lysine HCL

2000mg Threonine

1000 mg of Yea-Sacc TS S. cerevisiae (equivalent to 10 g Yea-Sacc 1026)

6 g of Magnesium

Analytical Constituents: Calcium 1.0 %, Phosphorus 0.04 %, Sodium 0.01 %, Lysine 13.9 %, Methionine  5.2 %, Threonine 3.4%,
Crude Protein 28.5%, Crude Fibres 2.2 %, Crude Oils & Fats 3.8 %, Crude Ash 29%, Acid Insoluble Ash 4%.

Additives (per kg): Vitamins: Vitamin E (all rac-alpha tocopherol acetate 3a700) 34482.76 mg/kg, Vitamin B1 (3a821) 3448.28mg/kg,
Vitamin B6 (3a831)1724.14 mg/kg, Vitamin B12 17.241mg/kg, Niacinamide (3a315) 8620.69mg/kg,Calcium-D-Pantothenate (3a841) 4310.35mg/kg,
Folic Acid (3a316) 344.83 mg/kg, Biotin (3a880) 357.1 mg/kg.

Trace Elements: Zinc (zinc chelate of protein hydrolysates 3b612) 10344 mg/kg, Copper (copper (II) chelate of amino acids hydrate 3b406)3448mg/kg,
Selenium (Organic selenium 3.b.8.10) 17.241 mg/kg, Iodine (calcium iodate anhydrous 3b202) 20mg/kg.

Micro-Organisms: 17241379310.35 CFU/kg Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94 as Yeasacc (4b1704).

Composition: Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, Magnesium Oxide, Peppermint.

Usage Level: One level 75ml scoop supplies approximately 58 grams of product.

Any questions? If there are any questions about Pro Hoof or any other of our range of products, please contact us by email.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Pro Hoof equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing  1.8 Kg or 3.6 Kg of product. A 75 ml scoop is included.
Multiple purchase options are available.

Sample Packs: Pro Hoof  is also available in 500g sample packs. Please note: Sample packs do not contain a scoop.

93 reviews for PRO HOOF – Equine Balancer For Healthy Hooves Coat Skin Joints And Digestion

  1. Anonymous

    We use this for our donkeys, who need a high quality balancer to help them grow healthy hooves. We have seen an improvement in hoof quality (having switched from a donkey balancer) even on half the recommended dose, which is all our fussy donkeys will allow in their feed.

  2. Ruth

    Brilliant product repeat purchase

  3. Hannah

    Progressive Earth are always prompt and efficient delivering and their products are great. I have been giving my mare Pro Hoof for a few years and am very satidfied with it.

  4. violetta n.

    Using this product daily to supplement our ponies’ forage diet. Their hooves and coats never look better. I highly recommend the product. The services by PE staff are fantastic. The most reliable supplier ever! Thank you Progressive Earth!

  5. Carole Coates

    I have only been using the Balancer for a few months but I do feel that my horses’ feet are improved. I am keeping a photo record. Will continue using it. I do like the ethos of the company

  6. karen R.

    Very efficient service and speedy delivery. Thank you

  7. Grace

    Great product

  8. Jayne

    Very effective, quality product. Service is fast and friendly. Can’t recommend highly enough!

  9. Antonia

    There’s been a very noticeable improvement in my pony’s feet since switching her to pro hoof (from naf general purpose supplement). The thrush I’ve been fighting for years has all but vanished and the white line separation is shrinking.

  10. Anonymous

    Great product information, with gradual introduction my mare almost always polishes this off and although it’s only been six weeks, I’m optimistic the Pro Hoof will support her poor feet. Delivery is quite pricey compared to larger companies that can afford to subsidise the cost, but it’s a heavy product travelling a long way so it’s understandable.

  11. Laura

    I am on my 3rd bag of Pro Hoof now and the improvement in my horse’ hooves is already noticeable. The new growth coming down looks really healthy and his generally condition is really good. He is an older horse (18) who is transitioning to barefoot and using this product for the last 3 months has made a big difference to him in his ridden work and around his movement mooching around the field. At first he wasn’t sure on the taste, but I persevered just giving him a pinch in each feed and very slowly increased it over time, now he devours the full amount in his feed and seems to really enjoy it.

  12. Jan Irving

    Great service – love the chocolate!

  13. Anita Luker

    Excellent service and ver quick delivery my cobs hooves have really improved and so has her itchy skin

  14. Imogen L.

    Always prompt delivery, great product and a treat in the bag!

  15. violetta N.

    I am using this product for a two years, I think…; this is exceptional product! I did not realise how effective it is when I was using it on our home bred pony, but we got a mini shetland with rather poor hooves and after ~6 months on this product his hooves are transformed. Progressive Earth services are fantastic! Thanks so much Folks!

  16. Karen Bryce

    Brilliant product. Excellent results

  17. Rosalind Tomaselli

    Great service! Fabulous product and love the little gift sent with my order

  18. Wendy Gater

    My horse has (had!) horribly thin walls and tends to get flares easily. Just recently he’s developed some vertical cracks because of the dry, hard ground which had got me a bit panicky. However the new, stronger horn has grown down so much that the cracked sections have just snapped off, the cracks haven’t travelled. I was convinced the cracks were heading deep into the hoof capsule so have been meticulously cleaning etc. Thoroughly recommend , I can see the benefits for myself. Harder soles, thicker walls growing down and a lot more growth than I’m used to seeing.

  19. Hannah Whitworth

    Prompt and efficient delivery of trusted product as always

  20. Jacki Honeybourne

    I started this on week one, & have used this for 3 Footrimmer visits, I have my Footrimmer every 6 weeks & we have already noticed a good healthy regrowth compared to the hairline vertical cracks my horse has had on all 4 feet for the 3 years of owning him. He’s fed twice a day throughout the year & has 1/2 of one of the scoops provided in both meals.

  21. violetta N.

    We use ProHoof for a long time…we would not be without it (works great for hoofs and skin and overall health to balance forage based diet). The service (advise, kindness and speed of delivery) is fantastic! Can not prise Mel and co enough! Thank you Folks!

  22. Susan d’Espagnac

    Great service. Would be good to have a regular subscription service (hopefully with a discount)

  23. Lynda

    Good stuff, quick delivery

  24. Debbie Aspin

    Always easy to order ,quick print service and a chocolate bar in each order

  25. Ruth

    Its only the postage that i feel is expensive Royal Mail maybe another couriet cheaper? Otherwise excellent

    • Melanie Barker

      Hi Ruth. We subsidize the postage charges so you only pay a maximum of £7.99 or Free over £150. We use Royalmail and Parceforce due to our location as we are in the far North of Scotland and they are the most reliable and delivery times are speedy. Unfortunately, we have not found this to be the case with other couriers we have tried.

  26. Emily

    Good product but with postage it works out expensive

    • Melanie Barker

      We subsidize the postage charges so you only pay a maximum of £7.99 or Free over £150. The actual postage charges are considerably higher.

  27. violetta n.

    We would not be without the ProHoof balancer! Ponies feet are great and their coats…oh, they are so so shinny! Fantastic service – best ever! I do not need to worry to order in advance as I know that if I place a new order just on time – I will get the new delivery within 2-3 days! I am so very grateful to Mel and Co.!

  28. Karen R.

    Excellent service

  29. Anonymous

    Excellent Product

  30. Sophie

    I don’t feel I can really rate this product, the shopping and delivery was great but my pony wouldn’t touch the balancer at all, I tried a couple of different carrier feeds alongside it and introduced it very slowly but she wouldn’t eat it so I gave it away in the end. I had been highly recommended it as a fab product for barefoot horses but if she won’t eat it then it’s no good for us.

    • Melanie Barker

      Hi Sophie
      I can find no correspondence from you regarding having problems with palatability. We are always here to help and advise on how to correctly introduce a new feed and suitable base feeds to use as a carrier.
      People can have problems feeding powdered supplements if they do not use a suitable carrier or feed too small an amount of the carrier feed/or introduce too much of a new feed too soon.
      We advise starting with a small spoonful and increasing gradually over a 1-2 week period.
      We also stock sample size bags.

  31. Wendy Gater

    Really happy with this, it’s palatable so my super fussy horse is eating it no problem at all. After purchasing the sample pack I bought a larger size, and even after a relatively short period I’m seeing improvements in his feet. He had his shoes off 6 months ago and they were not putting down much new hoof at all. Now I’m seeing newer growth with quite substantial growth rings, which his friend that he lives with on exactly the same regime but no Pro Hoof, doesn’t have (thankfully he doesn’t need it). I’m hopeful this will help with much improved hoof quality.

  32. Natalie

    I really like this balancer for my boys, their coats have gone from dull and scurfy to having a little shine and they seem a lot happier. No more licking at the soil and feet are starting to get stronger and the new growth looks great. I will definitely buy again!

  33. Nicky

    Horses are looking great on Pro hoof and it is always delivered very quickly

  34. Karen R.

    Excellent product, excellent service.

  35. Sharon D.

    I have been using this product daily for three years and it has helped me bring a pony with terrible hooves and other health problems to a happy healthy pony inside and out.

  36. Heather

    In late November, some 4 years ago my Thoroughbred, Alfie, once again, developed acute Laminitis, and after 4 months which included long periods of box rest. he was still not sound one of the Vets suggesting we should consider euthanasia. My gut feeling was that there must be something more that we could do and I contacted our local Equine Podiatrist, who apart from his vast experience of hoof structure and function is enormously knowledgeable about nutrition. The podiatrist suggested that we try Progressive Earth’s Pro Hoof and I can safely say that it has made an enormous difference. Whilst Alfie’s hooves will never be perfect due to very poor conformation the quality of the hoof horn is vastly improved as is his coat. Alfie now has a good quality of life and every day I am thankful that we tried Pro Hoof for him – and I can safely say he is going to be on it for life.

  37. Gilly C.

    I have been using this product on my horse for 3 months now and the difference in the quality of his hooves is incredible

  38. Helen S.

    Fast delivery, good quality product.

  39. Karin Baldwin

    lovely product seems to be working well for both ponies thank you.

  40. Victoria B.

    Amazing quality product that my horse has had no issue eating and she is fussy. Happy to know she is getting everything she needs in her diet did minerals she is thriving on it

  41. Ian David Johnson

    The difference in my barefoot horses hooves since using Pro hoof is amazing!

  42. Lisa

    Great service. Product good quality and tasty.

  43. Kayte Prentice

    Seeing really good results

  44. Anonymous

    A little expensive and not seeing much change in his hoof quality.

    • Melanie Barker

      You purchased the Pro Hoof in February so will have been feeding the Pro Hoof for less than 2 months. This is not enough time to expect to see any significant improvement. Hoof supplements can only affect the new growth growing in. The hoof wall grows at the rate of approx 1 cm per month so you need to be feeding a hoof supplement much longer than 6 weeks on the full dose rate. You will only be able to see an improvement in the very top 1-1.5cm of horn.

  45. Carolyn Osborne

    Efficient service

  46. Lorraine Mellor

    Lovely and love the choc bar

  47. Theresa Lovell

    We had bought this supplement for our Irish sports horse who was going barefoot to rehab her feet and this company was recommended by our foot trimmer, Keeva’s horn on her feet were pretty strong anyway but her foot had become very compromised after having pads on and her feet have grown through quickly and in excellent condition so I’m sure that’s because of the excellent nutrition in this supplement also dealing with Progressive Earth has always been easy and delivery spot on, (love the little chocolate present too!)

  48. Lynda

    Really good stuff. My horse is barefoot, I believe it has improved his hooves, bit early to tell tbh.

  49. Alex

    Speedy delivery. Chocolate a bonus!

  50. Jo Morrey

    Romeo’s hooves have improved greatly since using this product, he looks in excellent health

  51. Michela

    Excellent product, I can see the difference it makes to my mare while helping to manage her weight.

  52. Karen R.

    Very good product and service from start to finish. Keep up the good work.

  53. Linda C.

    Speedy delivery and great customer service I loved the product but unfortunately my horse didn’t agree and though he found it more palatable than a leading brand I have been forced to try another product to get something that suits his taste buds !

  54. Deborah R.

    Speedy delivery and another lovely chocolatey treat. Thank you.

  55. Kayte Prentice

    Have seen good results with this on other horses and now using it on my own and seeing the benefits.

  56. Helen S.

    Making a big difference to my horse’s hoof quality.

  57. Amy

    Excellent product!

  58. Hannah Griffiths

    Bloody love the chocolate

  59. Enza Amico

    My gelding has been on this product for about 9 months now due to having bad feet after we went barefoot. The change in his feet has been amazing and they are now rock solid and his farrier is really impressed. Not only that but his coat looks amazing and I am always getting comments about how good he looks. Would recommend this product.

  60. Nicola G.

    Quality product, always quick delivery and the little bonus treat (chocolate bar/ packet of sweets) is a nice touch!

  61. Sara F.

    Absolutely fantastic balancer my mares hooves and overall wellbeing have definitely improved since using this.

  62. Debbie A.

    Great company great suppliments

  63. Nicky Thelwell

    Great service and order always comes with a bar of chocolate, which is lovely!

  64. Klaudia C.

    Love this balancer, can see a difference in my boys feet after only a month using it. Just bought my second bag and will continue to use it

  65. Tracey C.

    It is a huge relief to find a high quality supplement that my horse will eat!!

  66. J

    Prompt delivery – but once open bag did not seal…

  67. Carolyn

    Reliable service of good product

  68. Charlotte

    You can really see the change in my horses hood growth now!

  69. Victoria Romero

    2nd purchase and and happy with product and delivery thanks

  70. rachel marrs

    great product and service thank you

  71. Sharon D.

    This product helped me transform my project pony.

  72. Fay Case

    Amazing product! Would recommend 100%

  73. Alice Ashman-Lee

    Fantastic customer service I cannot recommend highly enough, pony is doing well on pro hoof

  74. Klaudia C.

    Great supplement have made a noticeable difference in my boys feet

  75. Alex

    Great product, suits both of my horses well. Has really helped my old ladies hooves after transitioning from being fully shod to barefoot. Always quick delivery & love the fact you get free chocolate! Every woman’s fav thing!!

  76. Anonymous

    Fantastic product for my barefoot horse

  77. Alison Ainslie

    A very good product dispatched quickly with good communication.

  78. Victoria Mercer

    All of my horses have improved significantly since starting on progressive earth balancers. Wouldn’t use anything else now!

  79. Angela D.

    Brilliant products

  80. Victoria Mercer

    Fantastic products and great service – all four of my horses have noticeably improved since moving to progressive earth supplements

  81. Violetta N.

    Great product and great service! (see my other rev for details). Thanks a lot!

  82. Violetta N.

    Excellent balancer. We have switch to this balancer last year. The change (for better) to hoof growth and quality is significant. Also, it made the coat so shiny and dappled (regardless winter or summer). This balancer is very palatable (even for normally picky eater). I can highly recommend the product. Also, to add that the the service is most excellent! The products are always dispatched as soon as one places an order (regardless covid or no covid:) THANKS FOLKS!!!

  83. Judith

    My pony has been on this for about a year now – it’s a great product and has visible benefits.

  84. RACHEL

    Fab as always

  85. lucinda

    Horses hoofs have improved massively and they have no problem eating this

  86. Debbie Radage

    Excellent service and little chocolate always makes me smile

  87. Gemma

    My haflinger suffers with sarcoids and I had planned to have his shoes back off which has always been a struggle for us! So I was hoping this would cover both bases, and much cheaper than other skin/immunity products. I had his shoes off yesterday fully expecting tenderness, sound as a pound! Incredible! I’ve had them off a whole year before with no success. I’m so pleased, this is the only change so I’m sure it’s down to the Pro Hoof. Whether they help on the skin/immunity front – TBC! I’m so pleased. Thank you!

  88. admin

    Brill company brill product farrier has never before seen such results.

    Ann Regan. Tyrone

  89. admin

    Repeat customer, its fab stuff, can recommend to all +++ Lea Schofield. Lincolnshire

  90. admin

    AWESOME PRODUCT!! Ingrid Norquoy. Orkney

  91. admin


    I took Marnie out on Sunday , this time last year she was in boots due to the wet field.

    Now despite the wet she is not booted and secondly we did a ride which I used to boot her for because its really stony and she went barefoot and never flinched! The only thing different is Pro hoof, so glad I put her on it!!

    Athene Voisey. Glossop

  92. admin


    Just some feedback to let you know how good your product is, 2 horses, cob and TB, 2 weeks and difference in condition, very laid back, and showing much softer more defined muscles. Thanks for a great product.

    Maureen Jones. Dorset

  93. admin


    I just wanted to let you know how I’m getting on with pro hoof. I’m on my 2nd 3.6kg bag and the change in frog appearance is amazing. 6 weeks ago my trimmer came and even before she picked up his feet she asked what I’d changed as he looked so good. He’s be barefoot since before I’ve had him and I’ve fed for his feet since I got him 2 years ago. Low sugar, low starch and I’ve added both branded supplements and magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, biotin and yeasaac which I mixed myself. Whilst his hooves were ok, I couldn’t seem to get rid of underlying thrush. Nothing bad, but there all the same.

    Within a few weeks of using pro hoof, the frogs became ‘drier’ somehow and less spongy. They gradually widened and the central sulcus have become flatter. This time last year we were using boots to hack out and today he trotted back up the Stony track back to our yard without even flinching. I should have tried pro hoof sooner!

    Angela Leech. Shropshire

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