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VITAMIN C (monophosphate) A Highly Absorbable Form Of Vitamin C To Support Immune System Function In Horses.


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Vitamin C (monophosphate)

Vitamin C  is vital to a healthy, well-functioning immune system.

Under normal conditions, horses produce enough vitamin C in their own bodies to meet their needs.

Eating green, leafy forage also tops up the horse’s vitamin C levels.

There are circumstances where supplementing with vitamin C may be recommended.

When a horse’s immune system is depressed; during periods of stress, illness, injury, and intensive exercise a horse may not be able to synthesize sufficient vitamin C to keep up with demand. During these times supplemental vitamin C can be beneficial.

The source of Vitamin C used is very important. Progressive Earth Vitamin C is in the form of Vitamin C monophosphate which is a highly absorbable form, unlike Ascorbic acid which is poorly absorbed by horses.

Benefits of Vitamin C for horses:

  • Highly-strung horses that become over-stressed by training.
  • Horses that are fed mainly Hay or Haylage.
  • Horses without access to green pastures / on poor pasture or not allowed sufficient grazing time.
  • Horses fed on hay replacer pelleted feed.
  • Horses on stall confinement.
  • Unwell or stressed horses, especially those with issues affecting the immune system.
  • Elderly horses.
  • Horses with poor gut microflora
  • Horses in intense training or competition or high-stress situations
  • Horses fed high cereal diets.
  • Horses in need of skin support.
  • Horses in need of lung support.
  • Horses and ponies in very poor condition.
  • Foals that exhibit stress during weaning or by stall confinement.
  • To neutralise free radicals during times of illness, injury, and stress.
  • Essential in the production of collagen.

Analytical Constituents:

A FEED ADDITIVE FOR HORSES                                  

Additives (per kg)
Vitamin C monophosphate (3a312) 35%.

Suggested intake: 10-15g per day.
Immune system support/times of stress 15-30g per day.
1 x 15ml scoop supplies approx. 15g of product (5g vitamin C). Scoop not included.

How long will a bag last?

Fed at the rate of 10g per day, one bag will last 100 days.
Fed at the rate of 15g per day, one bag will last 66 days.
Fed at the rate of 30g per day, one bag will last 33 days.

The above are based on a 500kg horse. Adjust intakes if other sources are used.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Ltd Vitamin C equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing 1 Kg of product.
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