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YEA-SACC 1026 – Equine Digestive Health



Yea-Sacc 1026 is a live yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 1026.

Yea- sacc 1026 has been scientifically proven to ensure healthy fermentation of feed, enabling the horse to make more efficient use of the nutrients in its diet. A healthy hind gut is essential for horses to maintain a healthy immune system and condition.

By enhancing the activity of fibre digesting bacteria in the hindgut, Yea-Sacc increases fibre digestibility.

Perfectly suited for veterans, competition and excitable or stressed horses.


  • Scientifically proven to restore digestive balance and protect against further upsets.
  • Improve fibre digestion.
  • Maintenance of a regular and natural digestive system.
  • Balance hind gut pH.
  • Horses with digestive upset, loose droppings.
  • Nervousness brought on by digestive upset.
  • Older horses.
  • Poor do-ers.
  • Competition Horses.

Feeding guidelines:

Horses can be fed  10 g – 25 g daily.

How long will a bag last?

Fed at 10 g per day a 1 Kg bag will last 100 days. Fed at 25 g per day a 1 Kg bag will last 40 days.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Yea-Sacc 1026 equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing 1 Kg, 2 Kg and 4 Kg of product.
Multiple purchase options are available.


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