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To Support a Healthy Hindgut and Maintain a Healthy Immune System for Horses.

LINSEED (MICRONISED) – Natural source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids for healthy joints, hooves, coat, skin. Source of gel forming fibre for a healthy digestive system.



Linseed meal, micronized (ready cooked).

For healthy coat condition and shine, body condition and joint health.

Micronised Linseed is rich in omega 3 Fatty acids, high in protein, low starch, low carbohydrate and good source of fibre; especially gel forming soluble fibre.

Omega 3’s are part of the essential fatty acid group, which must be present in the horses diet because they cannot be manufactured within the horses body.

Research suggests omega 3 fatty acids balance immune function, protect joints and ligaments, support gastrointestinal function, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, reduce skin allergies, and decrease nervousness.

Horses are naturally adapted to a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids compared to omega-6 fatty acids. Grazing is the best natural source of Omega 3 fats, yet many horses spend a very limited time on pasture and live on a diet made up of predominantly hay or haylage which is low in omega 3’s. This can result in the critical ratio of omega 6 to 3 being thrown out of balance. A diet too low in omega 3 and too high in omega 6 fats has been shown to be pro-inflammatory. Supplementing with Linseed to increase the levels of omega 3 can help bring the diet back into balance.
Why Micronised Linseed is best. Linseed, in its raw state, contains the enzyme Linase, which, in moist conditions, can trigger the release of hydrogen cyanide. Micronization enhances feed value and palatability and destroys Linase.

It is recommended because:

  • It is known to support metabolism.
  • It is good for respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  • It promotes mental well being and a calm temperament.
  • It can be beneficial for horses which have problems with biting insects.
  • It helps to encourage a healthy shiny coat.
  • It supports flexible and healthy joints.
  • It improves skin health.
  • It is a good source of protein and healthy fat. Protein 23%, oil 35%.
  • Linseed is low in starch and sugar.
  • It supports a strong immunity.
  • It is beneficial to all equines, including older horses, and those prone to laminitis.
  • Its gel forming soluble fibre soothes the digestive tract and supports a healthy digestive system.

Feeding guidelines:

Feed 50 g – 100 g per day to ponies weighing around 300 Kg .

Feed 100 g – 200 g per day to horses weighing around 500 Kg.

As a guide a coffee mug contains approximately 100 – 120 g of micronised linseed.
(100 ml measure = approximately 45 g).

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Micronised Linseed equine feed supplement is available in clear sealed packs containing 3 Kg of product.

Multiple purchase options are available.

24 reviews for LINSEED (MICRONISED) – Natural source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids for healthy joints, hooves, coat, skin. Source of gel forming fibre for a healthy digestive system.

  1. violetta n.

    I started to feed linseed in ~April ’21 when we got a mini shetland. He was in need to some TLC…well, he gets pro-hoof balancer and linseed now and he so improved and looks all black and shiny and his hooves improved lots. I feed the linseed to our Connie as well (cos why not?)…she is so much more …content now. Ponies are happy, they are good looking and so I am happy too:) Also, Progressive Earth staff are so kind and helpful! Thanks Guys!!! I would post a pics but I do not see any options here…

  2. Kitty Kevan

    I bought this with the pro- hoof. Together they are a great team at restoring hooves in a few weeks- the improvement was obvious in about 2 weeks or perhaps a little more. Highly recommended and I’ll be buying more!

  3. Kerri

    Excellent product at a fair price

  4. violetta N.

    I am using this product for a good few months now; very good quality. Ponies are all shiny, including our mini that came to us with very poor coat. I can highly recommend the product wrt the effects on animals. Price is very good too! Finally, the service by Progressive Earth is fantastic (products are delivered super fast!). Thank you Folks!

  5. Lynn Hawdon

    Pleased with this product and will be reordering

  6. violetta N.

    fantastic service and great product (ponies are all shiny and it seems much more content). Thanks Folks!

  7. Kate

    Good product used with the Pro Hoof as recommended.

  8. Sophie

    Really good quality and excellent service

  9. violetta N.

    Started to use this linseed some weeks ago (have been adding DHA in a different form previously) and I already see the benefits (the ponies are so shiny that one can use them as a mirror:)) Great product! I would recommend for every equine!

  10. Kim Rogers

    Really fresh.

  11. Rachel

    Highly recommend

  12. Kerri

    Great value and my mare has a super shiny coat and great hooves

  13. Amanda T.

    I can’t comment on whether this linseed is any better than others. I regularly use it for condition for one of my hard keepers, but it is good to get all my supplements from one place.

  14. Karen B.

    Brilliant. Horses looking great on it.

  15. Anonymous

    Finding this has made a huge difference to my horse’s coat and his feet, he’s so shiny! Absolutely love this.

  16. Clare Daniels

    I love progressive earth! Mel is always so helpful!

  17. Margaret Anne M.

    Good quality product.

  18. Kathy Anne Gilmartin

    I use this on my rising 20 year old Welsh D and my 9 year old warmblood x ish both are barefoot, I’ve owned the Welshie almost 13 yrs and the wbxish almost 3 yrs, both have creaky joints, their coats goes dull and hooves get brittle if I run out of this Linseed, I recently ran out and didn’t put an order in on time, the difference in their coats and hooves while not being fed this was like night and day.
    I will make sure I don’t run out of this again.
    Top class product.

  19. christina

    My elderly pony certainly moves more freely with this added to his feed. His coat and feet are just grand too. It’s oiling from the inside.

  20. Pamela O’Donnell

    I love these products for my horse top quality. Service is always second to none.

  21. Victoria Mercer

    Great products and great service!

  22. Anonymous

    Pony looked amazing and product worked. Delivery was super quick

  23. April

    Fantastic for coat, mane & tail…and all round great health!

  24. Julie

    I was recommended progressive earth products over 3 years ago. Excellent products and service.
    My pony will be on these supplements for ever.

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