Progressive Earth's latest Brand New Product now available: PRO 3 TRACE. Contains three essential trace minerals that are commonly low in UK forage: Copper, Zinc and Selenium in a high quality, highly absorbed form.

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Mel Barker

Director and founder of Progressive Earth Ltd.


Mel has been passionate about horses all her life, owning horses since the age of 7 and working in the horse industry since the age of 17.

In 1997 Mel became interested in a more holistic approach to horse care and training. Since then Mel has studied and trained with some of the world leading figures in horse training, saddle fitting, hoof care and nutrition.

In 2005 Mel qualified as a natural hoof care practitioner with the American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners (AANHCP).  Training with Pete Ramey and Jamie Jackson amongst others in America, this led onto further training and qualification as a UK Natural Hoof Care Practitioner

Whilst working as a hoof care practitioner Mel became increasingly aware of the importance equine nutrition plays in both rehabilitating and maintaining health and performance.

So in 2009 Mel enrolled on the excellent equine nutritional courses developed by Eleanor Kellon(VMD), a world leading expert in the field of horse nutrition.

Then in 2010 Mel launched Progressive Earth Ltd selling balancers, separates, minerals, amino acids, herbs and vitamins etc for horses and ponies.

She continues to study equine nutrition and regularly formulates new and improved nutritional products for her business.

Mel works closely with an experienced team of registered nutritionists when formulating and producing her products. This insures total traceability and quality of all ingredients used and that the products comply with all up to date regulations.