PRO ACIDBUF 100% Natural Equine Acid Buffering Supplement




AcidBuf is a gentle slow-releasing buffering agent derived from the sustainably harvested calcified skeleton of red algae

Acidbuf has a honeycomb structure that provides a large surface area of (>10m2) per gram.
Research shows this had a significant buffering action for 4-6 hours under simulated in vitro stomach digestion conditions and also stimulated in vitro hindgut fermentation activities.
(Moore-Colyer, M. et al. (2014). Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 34(3):391–397)


  • Acid Buffer
  • Help in the prevention & solution of acidosis problems in horses & ponies
  • Longer buffering action than limestone flour or sodium bicarbonate.
  • Help maintain a higher PH over a prolonged period
  • Support a healthy hindgut
  • Support a healthy digestive system during periods of heavy work and stress.
  • Support the health of the stomach lining
  • May help reduce behavior problems associated with digestive distress.

Suggested intake:

10g per 100kg of body weight per day. (50g per 500kg Horse)
1 x 10ml scoop will give approx = 10g. (Scoop not included).

A feed material for horses.
Analytical Constituents : Calcium 30 %, Magnesium 5.5%, Ash 95%.
Composition: Maerl

How long will a bag last?

Fed at the rate of 50g per day (average 500kg horse) a 1.5Kg bag will last 30 days.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Pro Acidbuf equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing 1.5 Kg. Scoop not included.
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