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Introducing four new products -
Tricalcium Citrate with 21% Calcium, is a highly absorbable chelated source of Calcium.Pro Airway Plus has a powerful blend of natural antioxidants, herbs, and vitamins for support of a healthy respiratory and immune system.Beta Glucan is a powerful Equine Immune System support, G.I. Tract Health & Performance Support.Vitamin A D E & K is a source of fat soluble Vitamins for horses.

BETA GLUCAN Powerful Equine Immune System Support, G.I. Tract Health, Performance Support


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Beta Glucan offers powerful immune system support helping to regulate and assist a horse’s natural immunity.
Beta glucan is a powerful stimulant to the horse’s immune system.
Beta Glucan can also help normalise the rate foods move through the G.I. tract, help regulate the release of sugars in the digestive system and help keep the bacteria in the gut well balanced.

Beta glucan uses for horses:

  • Powerful immune system support
  • It helps regulate the immune system
  • Supporting G.I. tract health
  • Support for performance horses
  • Normalizing the rate at which food moves through the G.I. tract
  • Help regulate the release of sugars from the digestive system
  • Support oxidative stress
  • Binds to bad bacteria
  • Support normal immune response
  • Support for seasonal challenges
  • Elderly horses with challenged immune systems

A feed material for horses.
Composition: Yeast products.
Suggested intake: 5-10g per horse per day. 1 x level 25ml scoop gives 10g. (Scoop not included).

How long will a bag last? Fed at 10g per day a 300g pack will last about one month.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Ltd Beta glucan equine feed supplement is available in resealable grip seal pouches containing 300g.
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